Mr England
Winner of Mr England 2015 & 2016

Chris first shot to fame when he won the Mr England title in 2015, shortly after winning the Mr Liverpool heats.

“I was scouted for Mr Liverpool, whilst at work in Aldi, I have never done anything like this before, but thought why not, I then went on to win the Mr Liverpool title which qualified me for Mr England, my mother couldn’t attend wither of the finals as she suffers either chronic anxiety, so I wanted to do her proud and bring back the title to Liverpool”

Chris won the Sportsman award against 15 other Mr England finalists in an Xtreme boot camp despite having a painful shoulder injury which was caused by a car crash he was involved with in Liverpool just weeks before the final.

“I had just dropped off my girlfriend at work when another driver ploughed in to the side of me, the car spun around and it was a big shock! My shoulder is still very painful and I am having physio for it, but the driver has admitted full responsibility thank goodness” said Chris who didn’t disclose the injury to anyone before the Mr England final went ahead.

Since winning Mr England, Chris has been to Sri Lanka on behalf of Cinnamon Resorts, attended various photoshoots and has appeared on prime-time UK TV shows. Chris was also asked to judge at the Miss Gibraltar competition.

Along with the rewards, Chris has continued to work with charities and helping those in less fortunate positions. In October 2016 Chris will be running a half marathon in London on behalf of Variety the Children’s Charity.

Chris continues to make appearances as Mr England. If you would like to book him for an appearance, please contact us.

Mr World
4th Runner-Up in Mr World 2016

During his reign as Mr England Chris competed in the prestigious competition, Mr World.

Mr World 2016 took place in Southport, England with 45 entrants from countries around the world. The two-week long competition involved months of preparation as well as taking part in gruelling sports rounds in order to place as high as possible for the finals. Some of the activities Chris took part in while at Mr World included a 5km run through the sand-dunes, a 1112 metre sprint along Southport pier, a cooking challenge, penalty shoot-out and a golf challenge where he placed 1st.

As well as individual challenges, the contestants were required to take part in group rounds which saw the guys teaming up against each other in multimedia and community based activities. Chris won the overall Sports Challenge award which gave him an automatic entry in to the top 10 of the competition. On the final night Chris was supported by friends and family in the audience as well as all 49 finalists of the Miss England competition which was also taking place in Southport that week.

Chris went on to place 4th in the competition, placing higher than any other competition from the UK and Europe.

Now that Mr World has come to an end Chris is still working his full time job and qualifying as a personal trainer as well as continuing to progress his modelling and acting career as far as possible. He is still focused on helping people through his work with charity and becoming a world-wide role model for the next generation to follow.

Chris believes that his story can be used to show that anybody can achieve their dreams. Before the competition Chris was an ordinary guy working as a checkout assistant in his local supermarket. Now Chris is still an ordinary guy from Liverpool but he has the titles of Mr Liverpool, Mr England and has competed on a world stage in front of thousands.